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Grandparents Rights in the USA

New program for alienated families



A program has been specifically designed to help Alienated children and their Erased Parents and Grandparents to find each other and reunite.

"NO CONTACT" is the "MOST SEVERE" type of "Alienation Child Abuse". Every family member that is Alienated from a child needs to create a "Profile Message" with contact info to help children find their families.

At the same time any child 18 years or older is legally an "Adult" and can post a "Profile Message" to find their family members they were never allowed to see or speak to, such as a Parent, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and Half sisters and brothers.

Once these "Profile Messages" are posted they will remain active and searchable until a connection is made. 

Every family member should take advantage of this opportunity to post a "Profile Message" to give a child every chance to find family they might remember.  Every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, sister and brother should submit a "Profile Message" to increase the chances of contact.

Many children grew up never knowing that their families never stopped looking for them.  That their families never gave up hope. That their families never stopped loving them waiting for the day to embrace their child again.

It is never too late to start a new journey and make new memories. Don't live in the past. Don't live with the stories you were told by one parent and give that other parent a fair chance to tell their side. 

Grandparents suffer the loss of their grandchildren's love when they are completely and unfairly eliminated from a child's life. It is the laughter and energy of their grandchildren that keeps our grandparents young and vibrant. When grandchildren are stolen from their lives, grandparents loose that special spark of life in their hearts and cry for their grandchildren.

If you are a child that was not allowed to see your grandparents, please don't waste another day without them. Search the website to find them and submit your own "Profile Message" so they can find you.

Alienation stops right here - Lets change the world and fix our broken families by reuniting families, finding forgiveness in our hearts and starting a new beginning with those who were not allowed to love their children and grandchildren all those years of growing up.

AMERICAN CRISIS - 24 MILLION Fatherless Children

  • 90% of all Homeless & Runaway Children  
  • 85% of all Behavior Disorders  
  • 85% of all Prisoners  
  • 80% of all Adolescents inPsychiatric Hospitals  
  • 71% of all Dropouts  
  • 71% of all Adolescent Substance Abuse  
  • 70% of all Adolescents in Junvenile Correction  
  • 70% oaf ll Pregnant Teens  
  • 63% of all You Suicides  
  • 60% of all Rapists Enraged with Anger

FATHERLESSNESS is the most significant problem facing AMERICA     

SOURCES: Nat'l Center for Fathers, US Dept of Education, Nat'l Center for Education, US Census Bureau Report, Fatherless Statistics of the US, US Dept of Health & Human Services, Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

HEALING the broken family bond

FAMILIES NEED OUR HELP Your DONATION will Family Action Foundation to reunite millions of broken families

This nonprofit foundation strives to bring "Awareness" and "Education" to every community to help in the search of their loved ones and stop the War on Families and end Child Alienation Child Abuse 

Children of divorce are used as weapons of mass destruction in emotional warfare against the other parent and are "Alienated" their entire childhood from a parent and grandparents they once loved, as well as alienated from an entire family structure

Children who are "VICTIMS" of Child Protective Services who were legally stolen from their entire biological families and forced into Foster care or forced Adoptions are never allowed to see their loved ones again

Children of divorce and those stolen by Child Protective Services do not know that their parents and grandparents have been searching for them for a lifetime and it is time we bring them home

PLEASE HELP THIS MOVEMENT to reunite families who have been so broken for so long and give them "New Hope" of finding and healing children that need to have their families back in their lives

find My Erased family


Stop the illegal act of "CHILD SEPARATION"

Our goal is to "STOP THE WAR ON FAMILIES", reunite children with their parents and grandparents, and repair the broken bond.  Only then can we start with "HEALING" the damage that "ALIENATION" has caused.  

Educating society, bringing awareness and fighting for justice is long over due for "Law Reform".